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ZENNOA was founded on the premise that anyone can find peace, balance and freedom in their life.

Zennoa means peace, balance and freedom. Zennoa is Polynesian. Zennoa is Asian. Zennoa is everything in between.

Zennoa is against restrictions and barriers.

Zennoa is individual and personal. 

Be Your Happy. Be Your Zennoa.

We believe anyone can find peace, balance and freedom if given the right tools.

At ZENNOA we harness the wisdom of ancestral traditions, paired with today's most advanced technology.

With ZENNOA anyone can improve their body, mind and life. Welcome to the next generation of happy. 

John is often called the Father of Superfoods for his role in introducing noni to the world. He’s an accomplished food scientist, international executive, and entrepreneur. A man of integrity, his vision is the driving force behind ZENNOA.

John Wadsworth
CEO & Founder

Kim’s background in economics led to a notable career as a corporate executive at several multi-million dollar companies. He helped found a company with John Wadsworth and has been a leader in the industry for nearly 30 years. His experience and acumen are responsible for many of ZENNOA’s successes.

Kim Asay
Chairman & Founder

As legal counsel and entrepreneur, Joseph has been a key figure in the direct sales industry for decades. He is recognized on both sides of the Pacific as an inspired problem solver and innovative leader. A cowboy at heart Joseph finds his zennoa being in the outdoors. 

Joseph Wadsworth
President & Founder

For 25 years, Brad has been a positive force in the direct sales industry. His gift for staying one step ahead of the curve has brought him great success both as an executive and an entrepreneur. He is the energy behind ZENNOA's Rewards Plan.

Brad Reese
CSO & Founder

David has proven himself as a marketing pro and entrepreneurial success. Before joining ZENNOA he founded and ran several multi-million dollar organizations. He brings fresh perspective and leadership to the ZENNOA team. 

David Kasteler 
CMO & Founder

Brandon's background in finance and analytics made him a natural choice for chief financial officer. After joining ZENNOA from a private equity firm, he quickly distinguished himself as a natural leader. His contributions go far beyond those of a typical CFO.

Brandon Lloyd 
CFO & Founder

Happiness stems from the core and so does ZENNOA.

ZENNOA has set out to create products that bring simplicity, balance, and happiness into the lives of our customers. We do this by utilizing the highest quality of ingredients sourced from the best locations all around the world. Are you ready for a change in your life? 


ZENNOA was born 30 years ago as a dream to improve people’s lives.

Our founder, John Wadsworth, is regarded as the father of the superfoods movement. His dream and vision for improvement has been the impetus behind three separate direct sales companies. After discovering noni in Tahiti in 1994, John had a desire to share what he had found with the world. His vision was to help others find more peace, balance and freedom through better health, financial stability, and lifestyle. This desire and idea is called zennoa.

ZENNOA is changing the game again. We invite you to come with us and find your zennoa. 


We believe that anyone can find balance and freedom if given the right tools. The ZENNOA opportunity is a tool to help you find your zennoa. Join us for a more balanced and autonomous way of earning a living.