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Core Care
Optimally Balanced Blend
OMEGA 3-5-6-7-9
Daily Cellular Support For Better Body, Mind & Life.
Core Care
One of the great errors of the last century was the demonizing of healthy fats and Omega fatty acids. These substances are vital for maintaining and strengthening cells. Today, as a result of misinformation, very few people get enough of these substances in their diets.

ZENNOA's Core Care Omega Blend is a targeted full-spectrum blend of Omega fatty acids designed to give your cells the nourishment they need to properly support your body.

There is nothing superficial about Core Care. The ingredients, which include Himalayan Sea Buckthorn Berry, Norwegian Cod Oil, Cranberry and Pomegranate seed oils, are ethically sourced from the world's best providers. The product itself is designed to benefit your body from the inside out, targeting the single most fundamental element of wellness: the cell.
Product Features
  • Full spectrum blend
  • Derived from some of the world's greatest superfoods
  • Ethically & sustainable sourced
  • Fosters wellness at the most basic level